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Dangerous Plumbing Problems Which Need Your Immediate Attention

Plumbing systems in our houses plays a vital role in our day to day life. They happen to influence a large chunk of our life both directly and indirectly. Time and again it happens that our plumbing system is flawed, and we readily tend to ignore them. In this article I am going to highlight some very critical problems related to plumbing being solved by best Plumber Toronto which need your immediate attention when they crop up. After all a stitch in time, saves nine.

1. Code Brown
The mere appearance of the color brown means something is wrong or chances are they might go wrong in the near future. Any machinery or its smaller parts including the pipes, the valves, the smaller screws or any metallic attachment if turns powdery brown, it means they are corroded. Now why is corrosion such a sensitive issue? When unprotected metals are exposes to lots of moisture for a prolonged period of time, the start to react with water and form metallic oxides. This oxides starts to convert the metallic part into brown flakes and the layers get peeled off. The consequence are such that pores start forming, the machinery start to leak. According to plumber Toronto, If the situation worsens, the entire system may get crippled and broken down. So immediate protection is advisable, when corrosion sets in. With simple application of paints and grease, the oxidation process can be stopped.

2. Code Green
Green is the color of life. It means vitality but talking in terms of plumbing, cropping up of green color is not a healthy sigh. Various kinds of microorganisms like yeasts, fungi, bacteria and viruses happen to survive very well in the atmosphere rich in water. Thus if your water from any outlet seem to turn slightly green, know that microbes are starting to dwell inside it. These microbes old the potential to cause many water born disease and infection. Thus immediately sterilization liquids should be used after the detection of the microbial source to remove it.

3. Code light yellow
Water quality vary in every locality .A common problem that most of us face is after the installation of plumbing system for a certain period of time, the water pressure seems to decrease. A close observation will show you, yellow scaly layer in the walls of the pipes. These are deposits of salts and minerals which are part of hard water. Various cleaning liquids are available, which clears the scales. Also strainer at the water inlet filters the water in the preliminary level.

4. Code black
Black color generally denotes debris, or rotten things. Generally the plumber systems installed in the garden our outside exposed system tend to show black color. Multiple deposits of fungal layers also turns black with time. These things have to be cleaned periodically for proper working of your system.

Know the colors and their hidden meaning in your plumbing system .Your little bit of knowledge will make your life lot easy in the long run.