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Common Plumbing Problems Which Can Be Solved Within Minutes!

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We all face certain plumbing problems in our homes, offices and other places which give us hard time and we then call for professional plumber Toronto to get them fixed. However, there are quite a few such problems which can be solved within minutes of appearance if we apply some smartness.

In this blog post, I’ll provide the home remedies of a few kitchen and bathroom plumbing problems which were haunting you for long.

One of the most common problems is clogged drains. Drainage systems suffer clogging due to a variety of reasons. The most important thing to do when you first notice a clogged drain is not to clog it anymore. It means, stop every washing that is going on, and stop any flow of water to the drains. Now, what 90% of is do is to call a plumber which is a good choice given we don’t have any proved expertise in the plumbing area.

But, we can at least try to unclog them before seeking out for professional plumbing help. The best solution of unclogging the drainage system is my favorite Cable Auger. It is the most result oriented approach which is primarily used by professional plumbers but any handyman can also give it a try. First, take an empty bucket / storage and put it beneath the clogged pipe / sink. Now, take out the J-joint which connects the clogged pipe to the main pipe. Use a cable auger inside the stub pipe and spin it in clockwise direction. Upon spinning the frank, you’ll successfully remove the clogged particles and this will successfully solve the problem.

How many of you have suffered from a flooded basement? Let me tell you this clearly that there is no way an amateur can fix a flooded basement as it is a highly risky activity and without professional help of plumber Toronto, you can further damage the whole arrangement. You must be cursing me right now, right? Why this guy had mentioned an important problem if he doesn’t even have the fix for it. Calm down guys, I don’t have the fix because there isn’t any. What I can tell you is how to stop the flooding right there in the basement and prevent it from further damaging your entire flooring.

First of all, stop every flow of water and cut it out from the source itself. This way, the water level in the flooded basement won’t rise and become stable. DO NOT use any toilets, bathrooms, or wash utensils until the problem gets fixed because chances are the drainage system is flooded. Using any kind of water application may result in overflow of sewage water into the basement. This is something you don’t want to happen ever!

Do not even think of entering into the basement foiled with water. There are probable chances of you getting electrocuted if any live wire is inside the water. If you want to enter and examine the damage, ensure that the mains are off and there is no electricity in the entire house.

The next best thing you could do is to call for professional help. One can get the numbers of professional plumbers looking online or in telephone directories. Hope I was able to give out useful tips. I’ll keep you updated regarding more of such remedies in my coming blogs.